Who are those locals?

Who are the Locals?

Each town has its own culture and its unique way of welcoming its guests. We often look for the scenery whenever we visit a place and the least we pay attention to is the locals. We will never truly appreciate a place if we forget to experience their culture. And how do you experience a culture? Bond with the locals! It is not necessary to be best friends with a local, sometimes, all we need is to take time to sit with them and talk to them. Ask them about their town, the places they love to visit or simply ask how are they doing. You never know you might get to see the town’s secret places or treasured places or maybe the things only locals know and not all tourist gets to see. The internet opens our eyes to what we can experience but doesn’t really give us the total package of this experience. Why not give it a try? Try to get to know Akureyri by their locals. The best experience is never the places you’ve been to but the people you knew.

What I can attest to is that the locals of Akureyri are very kind people and despite the cold weather of this town, you can feel a warm welcome from them. Let’s learn how we can identify their locals.

1. They never use an umbrella when it rains.

Funny thing about this is even if you really want to use an umbrella, you can’t use it because of the direction of the rain. Unlike in other countries where the rain usually drops downward, the rain in Iceland goes sideways. Also, because of the wind, your umbrella will just go upside down.

P.S. If you dream of becoming Mary Poppins, this might be your chance. *wink, wink*

2. Naked in the shower.

Yes, you read that right. Being naked in the shower might be common in our private showers but being naked in changing rooms or showers of public pools is also common for the Icelanders. The locals can walk around the changing rooms naked and with no shame. (Talk about confidence!)

3. Dressed in Style!

Ever heard of the saying “Life is a party, dress like it” by Audrey Hepburn? Well, the locals never fail when it comes to dressing up every time like they just came from work or the office with their leather shoes or off to a party wearing heels even during winter. When you feel like wearing your boots or warm jackets, the locals prefer their business jackets or a really nice looking trench coat.

4. Your sleepy time is their party time.

We all get excited whenever we get to a new place over the weekend and we make sure we don’t miss their night life and party. Some guests felt disappointed finding the place quiet by the time they should be out partying, meeting new people or may be drunk. That’s where we are wrong, their night life starts at 2 in the morning! When in other countries or town, we usually go home at 2, in Iceland, this is where it begins. Since drinks are a bit pricy at bars, they usually start the drinking at home then spend their time partying at the most popular bars around 2am until the sun is up.

Here are just some few tips or secrets about the locals in Iceland. We encourage you to try and experience the culture of the place because the view isn’t the only thing it could offer.

Daniel Smarason