The red hearts of Akureyri

The heart in the traffic lights, the heart that beats in the Mt.Vaðlaheiði and the red hearts in the windows have caught the attention of those visiting Akureyri and the hearts of the inhabitants.

The hearts appeared as a consequence of the financial crash in Iceland in the year 2008, when there was a need for some positive thinking and to put emphasis on what really matters.

Since then the red hearts in the traffic lights are visible as well as plenty of red hearts made of the flower “forget me not” decorating windows, cars, and signs throughout the town

The huge heart that beats in the Mt.Vaðlaheiði opposite the town on the other side of the fjord was made by a private initiative of an electrical company in town together with other supporters. The heart has the size of a football field and is made of about 400 bulbs.  Originally it was red, but is now white and beats regularly from the end of November until April and also during the last weekend in August when Akureyri town celebrates its birthday of town rights.

The heart in Mt. Vaðlaheiði doesn´t beat anymore but the plan is to get it to beat again in 2017.



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Daniel Smarason